Friday, July 20, 2012

Bishop Braulio Sáez: “Saint Teresa pioneered new directions in the life of the Church”

Santa Cruz de la Sierra-Bolivia (20-07-2012).- “Saint Teresa pioneered new directions in the life of the Church five hundred years ago, and today, with the same vigor, she still pushes us on to new challenges,” noted Discalced Carmelite Bishop Braulio Sáez García in his letter published this week on The letter was published in preparation for the celebration of the fifth centenary of the birth of Saint Teresa of Jesus.
The Carmelite missionary and auxiliary bishop of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia, shared with his readers three aspects of the person of the Saint of Avila that particularly impressed him. In the first place, “the natural way in which she speaks to us of what is most supernatural in existence, of the very essence of God, and how to communicate with him, and how she draws him so close to us.”

In the second place, the Bolivian prelate focused on Teresian “determined determination” to bring our lives closer to the experience of God and abandon “mediocrity and vanities.”

In the third place, Bishop Sáez García highlighted how, for Saint Teresa, everything “was prayer, dialogue, encounter, presence, delight in Jesus Christ, friendship with God.”

In his straightforward letter, the Carmelite bishop underscores the “capacity to transmit life and ease in communicating the most sublime things” in the Teresian experience of God.


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